Ashton - goat

Ashton - goat

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When someone makes the switch from trucker hats to beanies, they become the definition of hipster. You can’t call yourself a hipster without wrapping yourself in a scarf while sporting a crochet beanie drooping off your head, regardless of the temps outside. Whether it's a double-shot, chai tea latte, iced caramel macchiato, or dark roast, whatever your morning cup contains – you can bet it will be over-priced. And beards…oh beards…swoon worthy in the first two inches…beyond that, it’s a bit of a dirty mess. Ashton Kutcher inspired this painting and this goat is basically the hipster starter kit, but like super cute.

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Looking to hang in a group? Ashton the goat pairs perfectly with other hipsters like Olive the giraffe and Ezra the fox

All prints are made by a local print shop on #100 Cougar Opaque Cover paper and look great in an 8x10 frame or matted in an 11x14 frame.