Bruce - great white shark

Bruce - great white shark

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Bruce is a shark was inspired by Finding Nemo and the cutie trying his best not to eat fish, because "fish are friends, not food." That Bruce was allegedly named after a mechanical shark that never seemed to work properly in a cult classic movie Jaws. A little switcharoo of roles and this shark is the lifeguard warning you of fins in the water. Wearing his beach binoculars and toting a rescue can, he's on the lookout for danger...or the next meal in case he can't stay on his vegan diet. I feel your pain Bruce, meat tastes so good, but you gotta stay strong!


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Looking to hang in a group? Bruce the great white shark groups perfectly with Spicoli the dolphin, Kai the sea turtle, Perry the octopus, and Taylor the manatee

All prints are made by a local print shop on #100 Cougar Opaque Cover paper and look great in an 8x10 frame or matted in an 11x14 frame.