Hollywood - alpaca

Hollywood - alpaca

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My sister and I may have only been 7 when the Mannequin movie first came out, but I remember seeing it with her over and over again. We were so intrigued by the mannequin coming to life and only one person could see her. Things they made movies about in the 80s that would never work now. Now the movie would end with him in a nut house! Anyway Hollywood inspired this painting because he was this flashy guy who would run around designing the window and wore the coolest glasses! I picked one of them for the alpaca which has always seemed awesomely flashy to me. The background is full of triangles and rectangles reminiscent of the background of Saved by the Bell. I'd watch that show every Saturday morning and laugh at the humorous situations Zack would get himself into. Kind of fitting its paired with Hollywood since Zack was know for his freeze frame (now known as the "mannequin challenge"). 


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Looking to hang in a group? Hollywood the alpaca pairs perfectly with Rosie the Chinese crested dog or Elvis the English bulldog

All prints are made by a local print shop on #100 Cougar Opaque Cover paper and look great in an 8x10 frame or matted in an 11x14 frame.