Spicoli - dolphin

Spicoli - dolphin

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I learned so much about life from one of my favorite 80’s movies – sex, drugs, and rock n roll – what more could you want? Fast Times at Ridgemont High inspired this painting and it's epic and the ever chill Spicoli was the best, whether he was showing up late because he was out surfing, ordering pizza during history class, or in need of some money because he couldn’t hold a job, you knew you’d get a laugh. When he finally put clothes on you could bet it would be a Mexican poncho, cut-off shorts, and some checkered sliders. This happy little dolphin is rockin’ his own poncho and checkered sunglasses in front of a sea of surfboard fins.


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Looking to hang in a group? Spicoli the dolphin pairs perfectly with other ocean animals like Taylor the manatee, Galileo the stone crab, Bruce the great white shark, and Perry the octopus

All prints are made by a local print shop on #100 Cougar Opaque Cover paper and look great in an 8x10 frame or matted in an 11x14 frame.